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Winter time images of Artists Palet, Mesquite Dunes and Furnace Springs.
Death Valley-175Bad Water-407Artist's PalletArtist's Pallet 2ScottyCastle-39ScottyCastle-138ScottyCastle-126ScottyCastle-213ScottyCastle-452Mesquite Dunes-20-2Mesquite Dunes-5-3Mesquite DunesMesquite Dunes-88-2Mesquite Dunes-101-2Mesquite Dunes 6ScottyCastle-468Mosquet Dunes-7-2Mosquet Dunes-8-3Mosquet Dunes-82-2Mosquet Dunes-87-2

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I look forward to seeing your photographs of China.
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